Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Pumpkin Seeds: Countdown to 35 Sedition

1. I turn 35 in 26 days! If you order my gift now, Amazon's free shipping offer will get it here in plenty of time. :-)

2. I know it's wrong to take pleasure in others' drama, even in an I told you so situation, but if this is true, I can't help but be tickled pink.

3. In related news, I found out yesterday that I'm the only feature at next week's First Wednesday reading at the Blue Ox, which may mean some flexibility on the 20-minute set. Considering a good chunk of my "audience" will be regretting the money they spent on airfare and hotel in St. Louis at the National Poetry Slam, it might also mean a relatively light crowd. I plan to treat those that do show up with a little something special. I'm just not sure what that will be exactly...

4. You know once something appears in the National Enquirer, it's not long before it's revealed to be true:

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, the hero of 9-11, is being secretly courted to become President George W. Bush's running mate in the November election, The ENQUIRER has learned.

Sources say Republican Party officials want Giuliani, who showed so much leadership and courage during the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, to replace current VP Dick Cheney on the ticket.

They are convinced Rudy is the secret weapon that could defeat Democratic hopefuls John Kerry and John Edwards.

"It's Rudy's if he wants it," a close source told The ENQUIRER.
5. And then there's this reassuring little piece of news:

Election officials in Florida's Miami-Dade County say electronic records from gubernatorial primary elections in 2002 have been lost after two computer crashes last year.

Officials said Tuesday the crashes were uncovered after the citizens group Miami-Dade Election Reform Commission had inquired about the records from the 2002 primary between Democratic candidates Janet Reno and Bill McBride.

Election authorities say the 2002 primary election was the first in which there was widespread use of electronic touch-screen voting machines. The reform commission said the loss of the records underscores problems with that new voting technology.

6. What's in your wallet?

January 20, 1997: Bill Clinton's second inauguration
Dow Jones Industrial Average: 6,843.87

December 19, 1998: Bill Clinton is impeached
Dow Jones Industrial Average: 8,988.85
(NOTE: Figure is from Dec. 21, as the impeachment happened on a Saturday!)

December 13, 2000: Al Gore concedes defeat in Presidential election
Dow Jones Industrial Average: 10,794.44

September 10, 2001: Pre-9/11
Dow Jones Industrial Average: 9,605.51

September 17, 2001: Post-9/11
Dow Jones Industrial Average: 8,920.70
(NOTE: Markets closed after 9/11 and re-opened on 9/17.)

March 20, 2003: War on Iraq begins
Dow Jones Industrial Average: 8,286.60

May 1, 2003: Bush declares "Mission Accomplished"
Dow Jones Industrial Average: 8,454.25

January 13, 2004: 500th American soldier killed in Iraq
Dow Jones Industrial Average: 10,427.18

July 20, 2004: 900th American solider killed in Iraq
Dow Jones Industrial Average: 10,149.07

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