Wednesday, June 4, 2003

Hello. My name is Guy and I buy comic books.

I was clean for over 10 years but I've recently relapsed. I'm not quite ready to admit that I'm powerless or that my life has become unmanageable, but the potential is there. Comics are like $3 each these days! Damn Omar. I told you he was evil, didn't I? I haven't gotten crazy yet, but it's enough to necessitate an adjustment to my lunch menu. Hot dogs and knishes, like back in the day!

Sunday, I had to return a movie to Blockbuster (Ghost Ship: disappointingly blah, not even Julianna Margulies could make it worth it. Think Event Horizon and Titanic without any of what made either of those good.) and decided I'd run into the comic book store next door to grab a couple of Batman back issues from the current Loeb/Lee run but it was closed. There's at least two on Central Avenue, though, and the other one I know of was on the way back to Hartsdale so I stopped on in. Didn't have any old Batman but I did pick up two more issues of the new Micronauts run plus issue 35 of the original Marvel series which has the origin of the Microverse. It was weird digging through the boxes of old comics and recognizing all of the random titles I used to buy: Dazzler, ROM, Groo. Still no Moon Knight, though! Captain Carrot: yes. Moon Knight: no. What the hell is that about?!?!

Anyway, I felt a little guilty after I bought them and was figuring out how I was going to sneak them in the house. Felt like a crackhead! In the end, I showed Salomé because I was so excited that I got the Micronauts back issue for only $1.00.

Next thing you know, I'll be playing Dungeons & Dragons again...

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