Friday, June 20, 2003

Many people title their journal entries. If I did, this one would be something like Fun With Anesthesia.

I've been avoiding getting my wisdom teeth out for years, ever since the consent form I had to sign for the Army dentist highlighted every possible danger of extraction. My bottom right has been impacted forever but since it doesn't ever bother me, I haven't bothered it. The past couple of years, though, both of my top ones have been giving me problems and now both of them have cracked. I've only ever had three cavities and I can't remember ever having any teeth extracted.

Had an appointment scheduled today @ 2:30pm. Got in the chair at 2:45pm, napped for about a half hour, the doctor finally came in just past 3:30pm, shot me up by 3:45pm and by 4:15pm I was heading back to work, teeth still in and mouth numb after being evacuated from the building because of a fire! Coincidence? Maybe. But if I die in the chair, anyone that reads this will know the signs were there.

Had to walk down from the 15th floor, the faintest odor of smoke in the air, unable to breathe through my mouth and fascinated by the 9/11 flashbacks some of the people were having. It was all rather surreal and when we got outside, I just kept on walking back to work. I wasn't really nervous at all, but was in that out-of-body observer mode I slip into in weird or stressful situations. The writer in me takes over and I just watch things unfold, usually disconnecting from the situation entirely. It's weird.

The anesthesia didn't fully wear off until after 9pm and the pain in my jaw where he shot me up made it difficult to eat. It's like I have TMJ. I can barely open my mouth. Some might say that's a good thing!

Finally joined the broadband revolution tonight as the computer is hooked up and Optimum Online is in effect! Good timing, too, as my internetting at work is getting cut back drastically. My 3-month review went well but one of the things noted was the amount of time spent on personal browsing. Busted! At least I'll be in on time from now on.

Speaking of work, now that I brought in some headphones, I'm LAUNCHing like a you know what. Have submitted over 1,000 ratings and my station is playing some really good stuff now. Check it out. Heard some of Queen's Flash Gordon soundtrack today, plus some Terrence Trent D'arby I hadn't heard before! No Milli Vanilli yet, but it's coming, I'm sure.

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