Monday, June 23, 2003

I'm reluctant to write this as I'm sure it will stir up some shit and likely be misinterpreted as sour grapes or something, but it's just been bugging the hell out of me since I first saw it and I've never NOT written something because of the potential trouble it might cause.

Subject: [loudNOTES] womanEDGE Tonite!!!!!! Monday, June 23rd

Tonight's show...[t]here's an open mic full of short sexy poems by women-you-should-have-known-and-will-love plus an EDGE feature by extraordinary poet/vocalist Mara Jebsen.

It's worded only slightly better than what's on the web site:

...and all night: open mic including short sex poems by women you know and should have loved.

THIS is how you promote a night intended to honor women's voices? All that's missing is "Ladies free all nite; Guys $10 B4 Midnite, $20 after!"

What sucks most is that I really wanted to see Mara's feature. When I originally booked her, it was going to be the louderEDGE format, enabling us to explore the interesting background of her being raised in Africa and how she is received/perceived by different audiences before and after her first words. Instead, it's been converted to what seems to be the latest version of House of Woman. The woman-centric format, laid to rest after I returned for lack of a sensible mission, suddenly reappears, taking advantage of a woman already being booked as the feature!?!?! Hopefully it's at least got the, edge?

It also pisses me off that this was one of two nights I specifically wanted to host after I stepped down and was politely denied in the interest of retaining some "consistency" in the hosting, something I'd pushed for the first time I left at the end of 2001 and there was talk of rotating hosts. I took it to mean Eric would be hosting and was relatively cool with that. Turns out Eric won't even be there - a moot point as it's the womanEDGE format - and instead of either Lynne or Marty hosting in the name of House of Woman / womanNOISE consistency, it's Syreeta and Ginna who I'm pretty sure have never hosted anything on Monday night?!?!

Much respect to them but, Lucy, ju got some 'splaining to do!

I was on the fence about going tonight as there's still some things I need to get done in the house, not to mention that article to write that's a week late now, but this all kind of pushed me over the...ahem, EDGE, and I just can't deal.

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