Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Stopped in at NYHRC to start my membership before our enrollment period ends tomorrow. It's a great gym that I'll never be able to use even half of but the fact that it's right across the street leaves me no excuses for not going and getting back in shape. You'd think I was the one that had two kids! They've got a pool, racquetball, squash & basketball courts, all the equipment you can think of and a Chinese menu of classes! I'd really like to get back into boxing as that's one of the best overall workouts you can get but they don't offer it at this location. They do have something called Boxerobics that I might give a try once I get into the flow.

They also give you one personal training session to start you off, which should be interesting. Like an idiot, I scheduled it for Friday, the day after I get three of my wisdom teeth pulled out! The dentist claims I'll be just fine and can even go to work right after but I still remember the disclosure they gave me in the Army that scared me out of doing it back in '92! With the top two cracked, I have no choice now.

Went to get a manicure and pedicure afterwards (for the second time ever!) and felt like Annika Sorenstam on the PGA tour! The only man there, I kept catching these odd glances in my direction, like someone in a restaurant trying to figure out if that's a roach or just a stain on the wall. There wasn't even a men's restroom, just one, marked "Women." Nothing like a regular barbershop, either, as it was dead quiet in there. The workers go about their business, ask one-word questions and the customers stare into space or read magazines. Weird.

My feet look much better now. After Isaac, a couple of months back, looked at them and said "Yucky," I knew it was time to do something! My fingernails are all shiny and feel strange, almost heavy. I can't really tell if I let them dry long enough or not but I was getting anxious about taking such a long lunch after coming in late thanks to something happening on the 4/5 line that kept me between stations for nearly an hour this morning. Ended up walking from City Hall and getting in at nearly 10am!

The foot and hand massages were amazing and much needed after the past week of lifting and building and general soreness. The, um...not sure what you call her as manicurist seems so limiting but, she had these powerful little thumbs that dug right in and loosened me up. I heartily recommend it to all men and I'm going to try and do it once a month. Okay, every other month!

Today's web site: http://www.innergeek.us/geek.html I got a 30.17751% - Total Geek!

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