Wednesday, June 11, 2003

It's been a hectic week since last I checked in and I'm tired and sore as hell.

The move is pretty much done. Painted and assembled on Friday; drove to Virginia through steady rain on Saturday; hung out in Norfolk on Saturday night; loaded the truck and drove back on Sunday; moved it all in on Monday; did more assembling and started unpacking on Tuesday. Should actually sleep in the apartment for the first time this coming Saturday. Woo-hoo!!!

Saturday night in Norfolk was fun, if unexpected. The hotel in Virginia Beach was a waste of driving as the rain made it impossible to hang out there. Ended up at Jillian's in Waterside (in the middle of Harborfest) where we caught game six of the NHL playoffs and the Gatti-Ward rematch. Haven't watched boxing in ages and it's a fascinating mix of revulsion and awe seeing two guys pound the hell out of each other for sport. Think I'll stick to the overly stage-managed WWE for my occasional testosterone fix.

[NOTE: Spike TV debuts June 16th! Spike LEE is an idiot!]

Went head-to-head with Eric in air hockey and got my ass kicked. Brutally: 7-6, 2-7, 2-7, 1-7, 1-7. Afterwards, he's like, "You know I had one of these in my house when I was growing up, right?" Fucker! We had a bumper pool table when I was growing up. Yes, BUMPER POOL, the short bus of pool tables! With the reversible table top that could be a regular table or a card table. It was nice, for a bumper pool table, but it was a bumper pool table nevertheless. I hated that thing. Got pretty good at it but so what? It's like being good at shuffleboard and bocce ball, skills that do you no good before you turn 70!


Moving in on Monday was smooth - what a difference an elevator makes! - even though it was just Roger and I. We still got it done in a little over two hours. Not sure how we accumulated so much stuff in Virginia but, barring a court order or something, I can't imagine moving again for a looooong time. Knock wood.

Crazy busy at work playing catch-up. I'll check back in on Friday.

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