Monday, August 15, 2005

Fun With Horoscopes

Every now and then, these things are eeriely appropriate:

Use Those Ideas

There is still a lot happening in your sign and in your personal life, Guy. The other great piece of news is that Mercury turns direct at the start of the week. This gives you the green light to go ahead with projects and ideas that have been on the back burner. You will feel a lot better now that you can move forward in confidence and get things moving. Venus moves into Libra on Tuesday, which is wonderful for any new commercial ventures you are involved with. If you have a lot of marketing, selling or advertising to do, it should all go very well. You will get a good return for your efforts. Wednesday is better used for developing new and wonderful ideas especially if you are involved in the media, or if you are an artist or musician. Grab those inspired thoughts from the sky and make use of them. They may further your career more than you realize. But don't promise anything you can't deliver, it is essential that you stay practical. There is a Full Moon in Aquarius on Friday, which is fun for partying and any kind of get-together. Just don't overreact to events - stay cool and have fun.
I forgot about the "Mercury in retrograde" thing last week, which would certainly explain some stuff!

In other news, my Buzzscope content is light this week as it took forever to finally transcribe the Charlie Huston interview - 17 pages! - and then edit it down into something that wouldn't make your eyes bleed from reading it online, so I didn't get to review any of the comics I'd intended to. The interview should hopefully go up later this week, though. In the meantime, the Buzzworthy 2005: Best Comics of the First Half of 2005 article that I spearheaded went up on Friday and is officially the most-viewed piece I've contributed to the site, already with over 3400 hits, despite the weekend being the least trafficked days for the site. Ironically, I disagree with several of the titles that made the list, but that's democracy for you! Several gems hidden in the honorable mentions, though.

In semi-related news, I checked out this store while visiting some friends in PA this weekend. Anyone in the Harrisburg area should definitely check it out, and everyone else with an internet connection should order one of their cool t-shirts. I bought the "I Have Issues" one!

PS: Don't forget, tonight @ 13 to celebrate my birthday. I'll be there around 7:30-8pm after stopping first at Botanica! Woo-hoo!

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