Thursday, August 18, 2005

Sneak Peek

My interview with Charlie Huston, the novelist charged with reviving one of my favorite comic book characters from my earliest days, Moon Knight, should be going live at some point tomorrow. You can check it out here - In The Scope: Charlie Huston - now, though! I think it's the best interview I've done, ever, even better than any of the ones I did for the Poets & Writers article a few years back. (1999? 2000? I forget, but that's more than a few!) Much of the credit goes to him for being refreshingly candid and easy-going.

While Huston got me stoked for his take on Moon Knight, I can't really recommend anyone picking it up yet, especially since it's not out until February, but I can recommend his first novel, CAUGHT STEALING, an in-your-face crime thriller that reads like a set of salted brass knuckles to the mouth. Be warned, Huston loves the f-bomb and uses it liberally, both in his novels and in the interview. Mom, don't bother!

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Erech said...

Great damn interview. When I read stuff like that, it makes me smile about comics again, to know it's not all bitter self-loathing and such, but you can and should be having fun with it. Made my day, man.

Something screwy on buzzscope so I couldn't comment there, but I just wanted to say it.