Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hard to believe

...that we were just in New Orleans barely a month ago.

From Phil West:

If you're still reading me, you're probably depressed enough (and if you're not, you've likely moved on from Katrina), but this just in from my brother's friend, who is on National Guard duty at the Superdome.

He's run out of cigarettes, three kids were molested in the bathroom and then 40 people nearly beat the molesters to death, eight women have been raped, and people are singing gospel songs (but he hasn't been able to confirm yesterday's suicide in the Superdome). Basically, he's in hell.

Also, there was a rumor of a SHARK SIGHTING on Napoleon and Causeway.

How's your day going?
And from Salomé:

Been watching CNN over by H. most of the day. From the guy who saved the family that was trapped in the car that was surrounded by GATORS to the woman who slowly walked 2 miles with her husband's dead body on a raft because he'd suffocated to death when the oxygen tank he's hooked to emptied and they couldn't get any help for him, this is as sad to me as the Tsunami. Knowing that weeks from now when the waters recede, they'll have to level at least 50% of the city makes it so much worse.
Also, The Times-Picayune is keeping a steadily updated [b]log of stories on the disaster, in New Orleans and everywhere else:

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