Sunday, August 21, 2005

On Writing

Just emailed the first draft of my comic book story to Erech, the artist putting the aforementioned anthology together. Second draft actually, as I handwrote (!) the first draft during lunch last Thursday and did a lot of revising while typing it up. I like what I'm trying to do with it, but have no idea if I pulled it off, what with this being such foreign territory. In the immortal words of Charlie Huston: "I'm not fucking Joss Whedon! This is my first fucking comic book, motherfucker!"

Seriously, though, I was way more confident - though admittedly, wrongly so - in my first attempt at a screenplay than I was going into this. I innately get fiction and, for the most part, poetry, but comic book scripting is a very different animal. I knew that going in, of course, but the difference between thinking and knowing is huge. That said, it's nothing that would make me retract or alter any of the reviews I've done in the past. DEMO was still weak!

In other news, while buying school supplies for Isaac yesterday - writing that makes me feel sooo old! - I picked up this cool notepad at Target that I have designated as my Poetry Slam Notebook: Version 3.0. Don't know if anything will actually come of that action, but with the National Poetry Slam returning to the scene of the crime in Austin next summer, I'm feeling the slightest competitive tinge. We shall see, said the blind man...

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