Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Let's ignore the undemocratic idiocy of the fact that on the one day of the primary season that the most delegates are up for grabs, there's only four of the ten original candidates actively running, one of whom has been routinely referred to as "the presumptive nominee" for the past few weeks.

Let's ignore the hypocrisy of the fact that the networks pledged to stop projecting the winner of individual states until after the polls were closed during the Presidential election, but tonight were projecting John Kerry victories in some states a full three hours before the polls in California closed.

Let's ignore the irony of the fact that 2/5 of the country - aka the other 20 states that haven't held their primaries yet - have basically been disenfranchised now that the race has all but been conceded to Kerry; if not by every single candidate, certainly by the media.

Instead, let's acknowledge the sad reality of the fact that John Kerry is at this moment, arguably at his peak, a shaky candidate for the Democrats, at best, and that the Bushies haven't even begun to fight. Add to it the disheartening fact that the election is still EIGHT MONTHS AWAY.

Thanks a lot Iowa, New Hampshire and the mainstream media. Due to your undue influence on the process, the chances of us being stuck with Bush for another four years are stronger than they reasonably should be.

Thanks Terry McAuliffe and friends. Due to your compressed calendar that completely overlooked the advantages of a prolonged primary, Bush and company have eight full months to tear apart an easy target.

Finally, thanks registered Democrats. Due to your unimaginative, lemming-like embrace of the mediocre, it's a sequel, Dumb and Dullerer: The Emperor Changes Clothes in November, ensuring another four years of relative status quo. We just get to choose the gift wrap.

ATTN: Dennis Kucinich & Al Sharpton - Please, please, please continue to challenge, if not outright campaign against, Kerry all the way to the convention. Give the remaining 20 states a choice. Don't sell out what you've stood for in obesience to a party that clearly takes your issues for granted and would like nothing more than for you both to disappear and shut up. The minute you do is the minute I tune out until October. Maybe even longer.

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