Thursday, March 18, 2004

Puke-a-rama 2004: The Germans Strike Back!!!

Ah yes, another sleepless night of random vomiting. The dark side of day care. India handed off the baton to Isaac around 2:30am and the fun continued til 6am. Isaac threw in an epilogue at 8am and it's been pretty quiet since. He's running a 101 fever, though.

Limerick slam tonight is up in the air for me and will be a last-minute call. Decided to actually sign up for the slam and wrote 9 limericks for it. Apparently I'll need as many as 30 if I manage to advance to the Finals but the chances of that are pretty slim, I'm sure, with limericks like these:

American Beauty was a really shitty movie
About Kevin Spacey’s dysfunctional family
White people in the suburbs
Acting completely absurd
But the floating paper bag impressed the Academy.
Limericks are a silly (but tough) little form and, between that and the embarassment that is St. Patrick's Day, you have to wonder why there's no Irishman Defamation League to speak out on it! Or the Catholic Church, even. Can't imagine this is what they had in mind when they sainted the guy.

Anyway, click on the poster below for up-dated info on louder than words. It's getting hot in here!

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