Tuesday, March 16, 2004

louder than words update:

Got the go-ahead from Bob to proceed with Plan A. Also found out that I'll be on the cover of their next calendar! Decided to hit Urbana for the Billy Collins/Limerick Slam show on Thursday to do some promo, even though the $20 cover really stings!

louder than words is a brand new show
that's going to reject the status quo
of poets spewing bullshit from the mic
'cause they think that's what the audience likes
instead, demanding both grow
Have to make a new batch of flyers once everyone is officially confirmed and Eric and I are going to hit a few shows next week to promote. Instead of the picture of me that's on the current one, I'm thinking of some provocative one-liners, a la ABC's yellow campaign a couple of years ago:

That time of the month.
Putting the "try" back in "poetry."
So you wrote a poem. What are you going DO about it?
Bruising egos since 1997.
The last one is my favorite!

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