Thursday, March 11, 2004

NEWS FLASH: Mark Your Calendars!

louder than words

Bowery Poetry Club
Saturday, March 27 & Saturday, April 3
8pm SHARP!

It's Politically Incorrect meets David Letterman.
Def Poetry with an editor. Slam poetry with a brain.
It's a little bit smarter, a little bit quicker,
a little bit louder...than words.

The dates are tentative, pending tomorrow's meeting with Bob but it looks it should be a go. It's an intimidating time slot, prime time Saturday night, and only two weeks to promote the first show so I'm really going to have to bust my ass to pull it all together. Eric's on-board for both shows, with Helen on the 27th and Diane on the 3rd. Still tweaking the format so it fits comfortably into the allotted 90 minutes and already have an interesting lineup coming together for the 2nd show. Worked on the flyer last night and just need the features to plug in. May go with something generic so I can start getting the word out tomorrow, though.

Am I excited? Like grandma at a Tom Jones concert, panties in hand. Nervous as hell, too!

More later.

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