Friday, May 23, 2003

Ack! I was really disappointed in my reading last night. Came off really flat, zero energy. Got thrown a little by the need to pick my last piece ahead of time for the light cues. I usually like to flow with what comes before me, finalizing what I'll read based on what's already come. Between that, wanting to read something relatively new, and squeezing it all into 7 minutes, I felt like some stereotypical academic that's never read out loud before. :-(

The show itself was cool, a diverse lineup with poets, dancers, theatre excerpts and a singer. Got to chat with some people I hadn't seen in a while, like Flaco Navaja (still skinny and talented as hell), John Rodriguez (who's working on his PhD) and Steven Sapp (talking about Universes, Def Poetry and balancing children with a career) and met some new ones. The Mad Promoters, Oscar & Fish were there, flyers in hand! I missed the last two performers thanks to an E-X-T-E-N-D-E-D Dr. Seussian piece about flushing the toilet that ran longer than I expected and Salome was downstairs in the car waiting for me for 20 minutes at that point.

This living in Hartsdale is REALLY starting to wear on me, making every night out a transportation nightmare, and last night it just put me in a foul mood. Fish dropped me off one night and was like "why do you want to move from here?" Because I HATE the suburbs, for one! And our current living conditions are nothing to rave about, either. None of us are getting enough sleep and I think it's really starting to have an effect on Isaac. He's always cranky, his fits are getting worse and I can't help but think the tension of the past year or so has gotten to him. Between the moving around - he's moved four times already, with a fifth around the corner - and the stress of the past six months, I'm surprised he's not worse off. Hell, I know it's gotten to me! I'm moodier than usual and have felt close to losing my temper a number of times recently. We're supposed to hear back about the apartment today. Good news there will go a long way towards easing some of the stress for all of us.

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