Friday, May 9, 2003

Ok, I lied. Quick fix!

Ed Garcia is THE man! The CD (5 PAST 13) is going to be ready for Monday night's show and it's purely because he busted his ass to get it done. The mastering, the design, the production...hell, he even ordered the track list! (I'm #13.) Fuck collectivism, it takes individuals with the drive and determination to get things done. All committees do is talk and obstruct progress.

Is it obvious that I'm not looking foward to the collective meeting at the end of the month? Going to take a lot of convincing to get me back on the non-profit bandwagon. All the things that convinced me we might be ready for it when I first came back have faded away and we're basically back to what I've always thought we were: a great reading series. With synonymUS on life support we've got Mondays, Acentos and the workshops (thanks more to UrbanWord than us), leaving no compelling reason to go through the hassle of non-profit creation. People have these fantasies of grant money waiting to be handed over, ignoring things like the Academy of American Poets laying off a bunch of people last year. If they're struggling, what the hell are we bringing to the table? Not a single one of us has any fundraising or grantwriting experience and of the entire group, I've probably got the most non-profit experience in general. Which probably explains my more cynical outlook on the whole thing!

Anyway, this is going to be an interesting summer on a lot of fronts. Could be some big changes in store.

See you Monday!

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