Friday, May 16, 2003

Sleep does a body good. And the mind, too.

India's been more or less sleeping through the night the past week or so, at worst waking up only once. It's made quite a difference in our getting some half-decent sleep which is a good thing considering I got the "9am" talk yesterday. That corporate thing that says no matter how late you stay, how often you don't take lunch, you MUST be at your desk by 9am. I reminded my boss about our morning travel routine and assured her that once we moved, it would be different, and she seemed to understand. She's cool people and, as it was, she presented the whole thing as coming from on high.

In the hubbub of Finals and its aftermath, I'd completely blanked on my head-to-head with Shappy next Monday. We've agreed on a Star Wars round to go along with the mainstay signature, improv and anything goes rounds. The other round is still TBD, maybe the imitation thing again? I'd love to do Butterfly or Quacky!. I'm looking forward to it as an opportunity to stretch myself a bit, especially with the anything goes round. Trying to work out a collaborative thing but I don't know if I'll be able to pull it off in time. Been working on something that I haven't made much progress on since last week.

This is not the end
simply a prelude
to a new beginning.

Ironic considering the recent turn of events in louder-land. For some reason, it reminds me of the last lines from the first Matrix. The whole idea of endings and beginnings has been running through my head all week as I debate my next move. Had an interesting talk with Diane last night about the need for something new and the fear of being the one to do it. I've had an idea for a show for a couple of months now and am almost ready to propose it to Bob Holman for the BPC. A sort of Politically Incorrect / American Idol / Daily Show concept, twice a month, with poets & musicians. Still thinking it through but the main idea would be to have fun again.

More like that
sing because you love it
because you have no choice
because you can
because you make people cry
make people come
make people stop and listen
make them feel alive

That's from something I wrote after Maya Azucena's semi-final feature last month. That inspired high seems so long ago...

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