Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Did some e-surfing on Friday, itching to find something spontaneous that we could do for the holiday weekend as the combination of no news about the apartment, bad weather and being in Hartsdale were quite depressing. Checked Yahoo! Travel for last-minute deals, Googled "family friendly bed breakfast," and scoured bedandbreakfast.com for kid-friendly accomodations, mostly to no avail. Came across one interesting B&B in Providence but they didn't have any rooms for Saturday AND Sunday. Picked through a ton of cheesy Poconos web sites before I finally found what I was looking for: Rimrock Cottages. Reasonable rates, kid-friendly, less than a two hour drive away and they had some vacancies. Priceless!

Despite the weather, it was exactly what we needed. The cabin was cozy and the sleeping arrangements worked out perfectly as Isaac and India crashed on the pullout and we finally slept alone for the first time since last October! We drove around a little bit, hitting a couple of crafty-type places for some cool homey stuff, as well as a used bookstore where I found copies of Fool on the Hill and Usher's Passing that I've wanted to pick up for a while now. Salomé snagged a copy of Tar Baby and we got her father a bunch of Dr. Who paperbacks. Isaac got his first copy of Where the Wild Things Are. Mostly, we chilled in the cabin, hanging out and watching videos, both those we rented (Men In Black 2: light fun; Minority Report: much better than expected; and Full Frontal: annoyingly pretentious, we didn't finish watching it) and Isaac's Sesame Street, Dr. Seuss, Dora the Explorer and Blue's Clues, all of which I practically know by heart now!

I haven't been this rested in a while. Mentally, I mean. Everybody should have a weekend away at least twice a year. I'd vote for anyone for President that ran on that platform. I think it would be a government program even the Republicans could get behind!

Picked up Batman: Year One this weekend and I think I'm going with him over Moon Knight for this fanfic project. Batman's always been my favorite anyway and it's clear to me now that MK was a pale (no pun intended) imitation. Might as well go with the real thing. It'll be more of a challenge, too.

Still haven't heard back about the apartment and I'm starting to feel a little antsy about it. We haven't looked at anything else and have no other prospects pending at this point. If it doesn't come through, it'll likely be July 1 before we move, which would suck badly. Keeping my fingers crossed but they're starting to get numb. :-(

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