Tuesday, January 6, 2004

So the spineless Bill Bradley is endorsing Howard Dean and the still-fawning media is reporting it like it's some kind of coup. The same Bill Bradley who lacked the guts to keep pressing his own "insurgent" campaign in 2000 (when he had Gore on the ropes and could have brought his hard-earned delegates to the convention and demanded some concessions that might've made Gore a more appealing candidate to his own base), instead choosing to cozy up to him as if he didn't really mean all the Dean-like swipes he'd taken at him during his short-lived campaign.

Who's next in the "Desperate for a Return to Relevancy" campaign? Michael Dukakis? Gary Hart? Will Jesse Jackson now blink and decide to endorse Dean, too?

Wesley Clark is starting to look more and more appealing to me - in that lesser of two lesser evils, Anybody-But-Bush kind of way. I mean if I have to pick from one of these supposed major candidates, I'd rather pick the one that has a chance of beating Dubya. Can't say I'm too happy about it, though.

Still holding out a slim hope for Kucinich to hang in there and make a valiant stand at the convention.

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