Friday, January 16, 2004

Ta-da! Notice anything different? Picked up the design from Ellen Edgerton via and tweaked it a bit for that angry pumpkin feel. Trimmed my list of blogs as it was getting rather unwieldly with more and more people I like getting in on the fun. (Hello Mara Jebsen!) There's several other people I read irregularly that you can reach via the LiveJournal link at the end. Also, I've redone the archives and they're now broken out by day instead of week, making it easier to find stuff.

I'm planning a complete redo of at some point in the near future, too. When I get the time... (aka, I can't do that much at work!)

D&D tomorrow! And maybe Monday, too? Anyone want to volunteer to DM a session?

Enjoy the holiday weekend. Now in all 50 states! [Did you know: Martin Luther King Jr. Day became a national holiday in 1983 as President Ronald Reagan signed off on the legislation after it was approved by the House and Senate, 338-90 and 78-22, respectively. This was 13 years after California became the first state to recognize it as a school holiday. The Governor of California then? Ronald Reagan.]

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