Thursday, January 15, 2004

When I got into Dungeons & Dragons back in High School, there were a number of other role-playing games I was familiar with - Gamma World, James Bond, Marvel Superheroes, etc. - and they all took place within fantasy worlds of some sort, past or future. Even James Bond, which took place in something resembling our "real" world, was at its core, a pen and paper version of the movies which are as far removed from the "real" world as dragons, elves and wizards.

Times changed and D&D [in a PC vs. Macintosh business model kind of way] evolved into an open platform called D20 which, through the Open Gaming License, enabled other publishers to create compatible content instead of competing content, allowing D&D to remain the big daddy of RPGs.

Of course, the D20 system spawned a multitude of new, non-D&D settings, moving beyond the standard worlds of fantasy and finally into...the real world. AKA D20 Modern. Instead of fighters and wizards, you play one of six different types of heroes: Strong, Fast, Tough, Smart, Dedicated or Charismatic. You also pick occupations like Academic or Athlete, Blue-Collar or Bohemian. When it comes to race, though, there's apparently only one: human.

Which, in a long-winded way, brings me to the point of this entry:

Solid!: The D20 Blaxploitation Experience

Solid!: The D20 blaxploitation experience is the most righteous book of 70's action role-playing to make it past The Man's censors. For use with d20 Modern, Solid allows players to experience the soul, power, and action of the movies that defined a generation. Features include:

- New advanced classes like the Private Dick, Preacher, Hustler, and Foxy Lady.
- New skills and feats designed specifically to help create the feel of over-the-top action!
- Enough style and attitude to empower any d20 Modern game.
I don't even know what to follow this up with...!

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